- IFLA PAC Korea Center is operated by Preservation Center at National Library of Korea and promotes systemized preservation/management schemes with professional manpower and equipment.
※ The following are the major resposibilities of IFLA PAC Korea Center
- To collaborate with the rest of the world in organizing and holding various preservation activities focused  on invaluable resources 
- To steer general preservation activities in South Korea, and to improve the country’s poor  preservation environment 
- To collect, translate, share, and standardize resources on preservation technologies 
- To represent South Korea at various local/international seminars, conferences, and support activities on  the matter of preservation 
※ The following are the major roles of IFLA PAC Korea Center
- To enhance the public awareness of the importance  of preservation, and to play a central role in preservation 
- To support the related preservation activities of   organizations, schools, groups, and individuals in South Korea
- To connect the related Korean organizations with the IFLA PAC HQ
- To translate and distribute relevant resources, such as IFLA PAC publications 
- To collaborate with local/international libraries on preserving resources 
- To support the preservation policies and technologies of the central-government organizations 
- IFLA PAC Korea Center
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