Gyunam Ha, Baek-won (1781~1844) was born in Dongbok-hyeon, Jeolla-do and is one of the four greatest Silhak scholars of Honam region along with Shin, Gyeong-jun (1712~1781) born in Sunchang-gun, Hwang, Yoon-seok (1729~1790) born in Gochang-hyeon and Wui, Baek-gyu (1727~1798) born in Jangheungdohobu.

Gyunam Ha, Baek-won, who fully adhered to the Silhak philosophy of ‘improving the daily lives of people by using convenient tools and providing an abundance of food and clothing’, criticized the social conditions of the time that were inclined towards Confucian teachings that neglected practical aspects of life.

This exhibition was planned with the desire to meaningfully convey the exhaustive spirit of the Silhak Ideology contained in the writings, maps, astronomical charts and drawings of Gyunam Ha, Baek-won to all the visitors of our library. Moreover, introduced are the works and ancient literature composed by our ancestors including Ha, Yoon-gu (1570~1646), Ha, Yeong-cheong (1697~1771) and Ha, Baek-won, who left behind an outstanding achievement for their descendants.