Empire of Korea Official Gazette, a modern type official gazette(10,254 items), the , an institutional newspaper issued by the Japanese Government-General of Korea(355,528 items), published by the US Army Military Government in Joseon are collected and being provided.

Empire of Korea Official Gazette(1894-1910)

The modern type official gazette was published by the Uijeongbu Official Gazette Bureau on June 21 1894. Although the official gazette was not numbered in the beginning, from April 1 1895, the Records Bureau Official Gazette Division took charge of publication and started numbering the official gazette. As the official gazette of the late Joseon period, in some part, it also functioned as a newspaper and was used as a news source by private newspapers including the Independent(Dongnipsinmun).

Government-General of Korea Official Gazette(1910~1945)

An institutional newspaper published by the Japanese Government General of Korea between 1910 and 1945. The official gazette has information about all processes and results of Japan’s invasion and control of Korea's politics, economy, society and culture at the time. For that reason, it is an important material for Korea to conduct national-level research on what happened during the period and develop logic to respond to Japan's historical distort.

US Army Military Government Official Gazette(1945~1948)

The fact that the US Army Military Government published an official gazette means that South Korea's official information source was the US Army Military Government at the time. The official gazette published irregularly, starting from “To the people of Korea(朝鮮住民에게 布告함)” issued on September 7 1945 until the establishment of the Korean government, sheds new light on Korea's history and provides basic materials for modern and contemporary history research.