KRIHS was established in 1978 with the purpose of making a contribution towards the improvement of the quality of people‘s lives and balanced growth of the country by comprehensively researching policies on the efficient use, development and preservation of our one and only precious national resource: our territory.

KRIHS has been sincerely carrying out the generational goal of establishing “beautiful nature and a country worth living in” over the last 40 years. In order to realize this goal, we have been pursuing research that focuses on sustainable and balanced construction on land,, with an eye towards the future and the establishment of a land knowledge base.

Our key functions include a broad range of research on the overall aspects of the national territory, including the use and preservation of land, regional and urban planning, residential and land policies, traffic construction economy, environment, water resources, GIS and urban innovation, etc. In addition, we are leading the push towards abundant and safe national territory in the 21st century by pursuing future-oriented, practical and empirical site-oriented research that supports the shortt omid-termpolicies of the country.

The KRIHS Report is aimed at the provision of opportunity for people to more easily understand and utilize the history, process and policies of the planning and development of Korea’s national territory.