Unification post box on Goseong Nurigil of Pyeonghwa Nurigil source of the images: DMZ Integrated Information Systems – DMZIGI * Pyeonghwa Nurigil(Road of Peace and Hope): The walkway to the northernmost area of South Korea connects the four cities – Gimpo, Goyang, Paju, Yeoncheon, and other districts in the DMZ borderline.

KINU(Korea Institute for National Unification) founded in 1991, has supported the unification policy on the establishment of the government, by conducting comprehensive and specialized research on various issues related to unification.

「Unification and North Korea Materials」 has been planned and created jointly by the National Library of Korea and the KINU with 100 books selected from research projects. It is intended to form a nationwide sympathy on the vision and values of unification, and a base form of international cooperation as well.

「Unification and North Korea Materials」 is composed of the four categories of 「Inter-Korean Relations and Unification」, 「A Detail View of North Korea」, 「Unification on the Korean Peninsula and International Relations」, and 「Human Rights in North Korea and International Cooperation」. It is designed to cultivate a correct view of national unification and raise public awareness of security by delivering to the Digital Seogo users correct information on North Korea such as the actual picture of North Korea as shown in various indicators and diverse views and observations from North Korea experts at home and abroad.