Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

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○ Korea-related documents created by CIA

In 2021, NLK is collecting and providing its website users with Korea-related documents among documents created by CIA.

In accordance with the executive order, CIA opens to the general public declassified documents with CIA Records Search Tool(CREST), an e-document search system and allows users to view the documents on CIA website.

NLK surveyed/analyzed a total of 29,350 pages of Korea-related documents among documents created by CIA and classified them into 3 groups - ‘materials before 1967’, ‘materials after 1968’ and ‘PDB NIS JPRS Collections’.

‘Materials before 1967’ include about 20 files by subject on certain issues related to Korea such as JANIS, Intelligence Memorandum which analyzed the situation after the Korean War Armistice, Pueblo Crisis etc.

‘Materials after 1968’ are Korea-related materials in PDF file collected by searching CIA website.

‘PDB NIS JPRS Collections’ is a collection classified by CIA such as the President’s Daily Brief, National Intelligence Survey, Joint Publications Research Service etc. and mainly includes materials between the 1960s and 1980s.