Welcome to the website of the National Library of Korea.

The National Library, founded in 1945, is a comprehensive and treasured repository of intellectual and informational resources of the Republic of Korea. Since its establishment, the library has built its extensive collection of domestic publications and digital materials which are also preserved thoroughly and organized systematically.
Responding to the changes in the modern era, the library boasts its rich collections available in various formats such as books, paper documents, and digital resources. Also, the library has implemented advanced technologies to adapt to various needs of our citizens and to provide a free, easy and open access to the library materials.
In this era of knowledge and information in the 21st century, libraries are called to become a core institution that guarantees convenient and equitable access to useful resources for the citizens.
The National Library of Korea strongly believes that knowledge and information are some of the most significant resources for national development. Based on this belief, the library will not spare its effort in combining individual creativity and intellectual achievements with latest qualitative digital resources as a lively information repository.
Furthermore, the National Library of Korea will continue to take an active role in the global library community through collaborative relationships with libraries and institutions at home and abroad to maintain Korea’s leadership and presence in the international community.
Thank you for your continuous support and interest in us.