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○ Documents related with Korea held by NARA

Since 2004, the National Library of Korea has collected records related with Korea held by NARA and provided primary materials for research on the situation of modern and contemporary Korean peninsula and its relations with neighbor countries.

Among records held by NARA, by the end of 2023, the NLK collected a total of 3,254,748 pages including

- civil sector documents of the United States Department of Agriculture(USDA), Foreign Agricultural Service(FAS), the Foreign Economic Administration, etc.

- documents of the Japanese colonial period and before and after the Korean War of the Office of War Information, Headquarters U.S. Air Force(Air Staff), General Headquarters, Far East Command, Supreme Commander Allied Powers and United Nations Command

- military sector documents such as documents related with Korean armed forces that joined the Vietnam War from the US army in South East Asia document file

-North Korean documents seized from the National Archives Collection of Foreign Records Seized which were seized during the 2nd World War and Korean War

These documents collected in digital image file in Washington, where the National Archives and Records Administration is located, are included in catalogue DB and full-text DB by applying descriptive standard that fit the feature of the record material and provided to users through NLK website.

○ NARA (National Archives and Records Administration)

- National institution established in 1934, which transfers and preserves official documents created by each administration of the US.

- Installed and run as an independent agency within the administration according to the US National Archives and Records Administration Act 44 U.S.C.2101 in 1985.

○ How to use

Foreign records related with Korea are organized into Record Groups > Series > Files > Items and full-text database is built in file unit.

Items of foreign records related with Korea can be used using catalogue search.

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