Inter-Korean Relations and Unification

「Inter-Korean Relations and Unification」 features reports on internal and external conditions for unification and public opinion, unification plans and integration plans, unification costs & benefits, inter-Korean relations, exchange and cooperation. These reports will help readers to access the achievements from various research efforts so far conducted to create a basis for unification.

A Detail View of North Korea

「A Detail View of North Korea」 features reports on the North Korean politics, economy, nuclear program, military, society, and culture. The in-depth discussions of the North Korean regime and society included in these reports can help readers to get an objective and organized understanding of North Korea.

Unification on the Korean Peninsula and International Relations

「Unification on the Korean Peninsula and International Relations」 is composed of reports that analyze the diplomatic environment around the unification of the Korean Peninsula. It introduces studies on international cooperation, the diplomatic policies of major countries, and the relationships between Korea and the US, between Korea and China, between Korea and Japan, and between Korea and Russia. These studies can find their meaningful use in promoting an understanding of the policies on the Korean Peninsula, including the neighboring countries’ diplomatic policies and North Korea policies.

Human Rights in North Korea and International Cooperation

「Human Rights in North Korea and International Cooperation」 features reports on human rights policy, international cooperation, North Korean defectors, people abducted by North Korea, South Korean POWs, and separated families. These reports will help readers to acquire various information on the actual status of human rights in North Korea and plans for their possible improvement as well as local and international perspective on human rights in North Korea.