Our Perceptions of Overseas Koreans

‘A Survey of Korean Native’ Perceptions of Overseas Koreans’ is conducted every other year. It is designed to explore the Korean native perception of overseas Koreans and government policies for Korean ethnic groups abroad; to raise public awareness of the importance of overseas Koreans, and to collect basic data for designing policies for overseas Koreans.

Literary Awards of the Overseas Koreans Foundation

‘A Window into Overseas Koreans’ Literature’ is a collection of ‘Overseas Koreans Literary Award’-winning works. The award was established in order to inspire overseas Koreans to keep their mother tongue skills and contribute to a better understanding of overseas Koreans' lives and related issues.

A Window into Overseas Koreans Literature

‘A Window into Overseas Koreans Literature’ is a monthly magazine published by the Overseas Koreans Foundation. The magazine delivers news of Korea and overseas Korean communities to enhance the understanding of both Koreans at home and abroad with news and to create national consensus among them.