On August 15, 1945, Emperor Hirohito of imperial Japan announced the report (終戰詔書).Its content was declaring end of the war with the United States. With the release of the protocol of end of the war, the colonial Joseon became independent. Ham Suk-hun stated that the independence of the colonial Joseon “came like a thief.” It was such a sudden incident. After the independence, we had to retrieve many things that imperial Japan deprived from Joseon in the past. One of them was our language Hangul (Korean). We retrieved Hangul and started to re-publish a magazine written in Korean. However, a thrilling of independence did not last for long. The independent Joseon was swinging between left-wing and right-wing again due to ideological conflict. The magazines of the era of independence sharply show ideological confrontation between left-wing and right-wing.

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