Sahaengrok, the records of Joseon

Sahaengrok, a record left by the convoys, is a record of what were personally observed and experienced by the convoys in Japan. It is possible to examine the view the people of Joseon had on Japan through the Sahaengrok written by a widely varying social classes of and recording formats by the convoys.

Pildamchanghwajip, recordings of Japan Literary persons of Japan who personally met people of Joseon through the dispatchment of Tongsinsa summarized and organized their writing in the form of essays, poems and letters exchanged with the Tongsinsa into books. These are vivid data that enables one to examine the conversation shared and attitudes displayed by both parties.

Research on Joseon by Japan Receiving large scale Tongsinsa was the biggest international events in Japan. These are data and materials to examine the information gathered by Japanese people on Joseon in preparation to receive Tongsinsa from Joseon.

Haengryeoldo (marching paintings) The members of the convoy, Tongsinsa, moved in a long array while traveling through land. The foreign convoy adorning traditional costumes of Joseon, and holding onto flags, weapons and musical instruments while marching, was a wonderful sight to be enjoyed even by the general public in Japan. It is possible to confirm the exotic images of people of Joseon viewed through the eyes of Japanese by means of the Haengryeoldo drawn in Japan.


Various interesting data and materials that cannot be found elsewhere among the data and materials related to Tongsinsa that National Library of Korea is holding are introduced.