Introduction of Korean literatures to overseas

Summary introduction of how Korean literatures have been communicating with the global neighbors thus far by composing this section into 4 parts, namely, “1) Publication of translated Korean literatures, 2) Overseas exchange of Korean literatures, 3) Multilingual information services for Korean literatures, and 4) Korean literatures viewed from the perspectives of overseas countries.”

Korean literatures viewed from the perspectives of overseas countries

This section introduces how Korean literature is introduced in other countries, with language experts from the Literature Translation Institution of Korea focusing on major foreign news reports. The introductory order is based on the number of publication of translated Korean literatures.

Winners in the overseas book review competition

You can view 20 review works on Korean literature by overseas readers that won in the overseas book review competitions held in a total of 19 countries including Australia, Brazil and Bulgaria, etc.

Multi-lingual classic Korean literatures

Electronic version of 20 classic Korean literatures translated into English, French and Germany are introduced.