Advancement of the dictionaries in Joseon Dynasty

Joseon, which was a centralized authoritarian state, produced a large amount of literature for the governance of the nation. With such an advanced recording culture, there was active publication and use of dictionaries and encyclopedia for making references.


There are comprehensive encyclopedia compiled and published by the government by mobilizing specialized scholars, and other encyclopedia that organize knowledge related to foreign diplomatic relations, important expressions from Confucian sculptures, information necessary in daily life activities, etc.

Vocabulary dictionary

This is a vocabulary dictionary that organized the names of objects for each of the themes.

Chinese character dictionary

This is a Chinese character dictionary that organized the Chinese characters in order to facilitate searches in accordance with the phoneme of the sound of the character and the strokes of their radicals.

Vocabulary example dictionary

This is an encyclopedia that organized the vocabulary related to Korea that can be searched in accordance with the rhyming Chinese character or for several themes.

Special dictionary

This is a special encyclopedia that contains the order of writing and the formats of a diverse range of examples of official documents or letters.