Dongeuibogam in Everyday Life
Health Tips for Summer - Don’t use up all your energy by thinking too much.
- Avoid the consumption of icy water and cold fruits.
- Eat warm foods and keep your stomach warm.
Health Tips for Women Dongeuibogam gives medical prescriptions for women’s health. It also advises women on how to make their skin soft and smooth: “Rub your hands together to make them warm, and then rub them along your forehead up to the hairline about 14-21 times. This will make your skin glow.”
Health Tips for Children 10 Guidelines for Child Raising
- Keep a child’s back warm.
- Keep a child’s abdomen warm.
- Keep a child’s feet warm.
- Keep a child’s head cool.
- Keep a child’s chest cool.
- Don’t show children strange or scary things.
- Always keep their stomach warm.
- Wait until a child has stopped crying before breastfeeding them.
- Don’t let your child eat mercury.
- Don’t bathe children too often.
Health Tips for the Elderly Overweight people tend to have strokes more often
Strokes generally occur among older people, particularly those who are more than 50 years of age. However, sometimes it occurs among young adults and middle-aged adults if they are very overweight. According to Dongeuibogam, this happens because a person’s internal energies are weakened even though they may seem robust on the outside. Mangeumtang (만금탕) and Palbohoechuntang (팔보회춘탕) are liquid herbal medicines that can be prescribed to treat people with this condition.
Health Tips for Adults How to have a sound sleep
1. Lie on your side with your knees bent.
2. Close your mouth while sleeping.
3. Cover up with a thin blanket in warm weather and a thick one in cold weather.
4. If you are unable to sleep because of hunger, eat a little bit. If you are unable to sleep because of a full stomach, drink tea or walk around for a bit before going to bed.
5. Make sure to turn off the lights when sleeping.
6. Don’t lay your arms on your chest while sleeping.