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About ISIL Korea

[ Position ]

National Library of Korea carries out its role as the secretary of ISO/TC46(Information & Documentation) since 2007, and observes the standards of Information & Documentation fields, and leads the developing of Information & Documentation.

National Library of Korea is repregentative agency in Korea resistered to ISO15511(ISIL).

[ Role ]

National Library of Korea will attribute to secure the unique identifier of all the libraries in Korea by following ISIL.
Futhermore, National Library of Korea will make an effort to play an main role to connect and exchange with all libraries in the world.

[ History ]

2007.5 : Discussion about ISIL joinung at ISO/TC46 Spain general meeting.

2007.7 : Discussion about joining process with 'Danish Library Agency is Registration Authority'

2007.7 : Rep. of Korea was resitered with the Danish Library Agency of ISIL.

2008.1 : ISIL Korea Homepage service was started.