Introducing IFLA PAC Korea Center

International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) Preservation and Conservation (PAC) Regional Center is located at the major libraries of each continent/country to support the preservation of various resources around the world for the permanent preservation and succession of the world’s cultural heritages.

IFLA PAC Korea Center, established in 2008 and located at National Library of Korea, plays a major role in the scientific preservation and succession of national knowledge and information resources. The fundamental goal of IFLA PAC is “to collaborate beyond borders under the principles of preservation.” It has regional and national centers in six continents around the world, which a global preservation network with the aim of making people realize the importance of preserving our cultural heritages and of preventing damages to these.

IFLA PAC Korea Center is operated by Preservation Center at National Library of Korea and promotes systemized preservation/management schemes with professional manpower and equipment.
Preservation Center consists of preservation specialists and librarians who endeavor to create the optimal preservation environment for each type of resource, prevent damages, restore damaged resources, create and preserve microfilms, and research on the preservation of electronic materials such as optical storage devices (CD, DVD, etc).

IFLA PAC Korea Center will continue to devote itself to supporting libraries and to researching on and developing preservation technologies for various resources, to develop into South Korea’s leading preservation organization.



Providing mass deacidification for valuable materials in libraries

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