Librarian Training

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1945 ~ 1946 National Library opened in 1945, and offered a librarian training program for the first time in Korea in 1946.
1967 ~ 1986 Offered a certified training program for librarians (total 3,544 trainees, 65 times)
01/19/1983 Offered an On-The-Job Training to librarian government officials as a branch office of the Central Education Training Institute.
02/27/1985 The Ministry of Government Administration approved the operation of education programs for librarian government officials.
03/08/1991 A new regulation on “Training for Librarians and Other Library Staff” was enacted by the Library & Reading Promotion Act.
07/07/1997 Librarian Training Department was installed.
07/18/1997 Designated as an expert training center according to the Government Officials Training Act by the Ministry of Government Affairs and Home Affairs
11/18/2004 Reorganized as the Librarian Capability Development Department
02/11/2010 Reorganized as the Librarian Training & Culture Division

Goals of Education and Training

  • To develop librarians’ core competencies to be leaders of a knowledge-based society
  • To develop and conduct librarian training programs to improve library services
  • To develop librarian’s professional competencies to lead the digital age.

Training Facilities

  • Main Auditorium (100 seats)
  • Small Auditorium (50 seats)
  • Discussion Rooms (6 rooms, 60 seats)
  • Computer Education Rooms (2 rooms, 94 seats)
  • Seminar Room (40 seats)
  • Librarians’ Study Rooms (6 rooms, each for 2 people)
    Facility/equipment: TV, A/C, refrigerator, shower booth, closet
  • Others: infirmary, lounge, powder room