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Librarian Training

1967 ~ 1986 Launched a certfied training program for librarian (total 3,544 trainees, 65 times)
01/19/1983 Carried out an OJT program for librarian government officials as a branch office of the Central Educational Center
02/27/1985 Approved the operation of education programs for librarian government officials by the Ministry of Government Administration
03/08/1991 Regulation on “Training for Librarians and Other Library Staffs” was newly enacted within the Library & Reading Promotion Act.
07/07/1997 Reorganized to install a special department in charge of librarian training (Librarian Training Department)
07/18/1997 Designated as an expert training center according to the Act on Training for Government Officials by the Ministry of Government Affairs and Home Affairs
11/18/2004 Renamed as the Librarian Capability Development Department due to the revision of relevant act
02/11/2010 Renamed as the Librarian Training & Culture Division due to the revision of relevant act
Goals of education and training
Enhancement of the ability of librarians who will lead a knowledge-based society
Development and operation of training program aimed at upgrading library services
Implementation of training programs for librarians to achieve renovated library service
Training facilities
Main Auditorium(100 seats)
Equipment: High-tech beam projector (LCD), OHP, video-vision, VTR, actual image processor, power screen, slide, Internet
Small Auditorium (56 seats)
Equipment: Same as in the main auditorium
Discussion  Room (6 rooms, 60 seats)
Facility/equipment: Pentium PC, printer, A/C, lockers, closet
Computer Education Room (2 rooms, 80 seats)
PC spec: i5-4590(CPU-3.3GHz, 4GB Ram, SSD 120GB, HDD-500GB), high-speed Internet network S/W: Win7, Ms-office 2010, Hangul 2010, etc
Seminar Room (40 seats)
Equipment: High-tech beam projector (LCD), power screen, slide, Internet
Librarians’ Study Room (6 rooms, available to house 12 persons)
Facility/equipment: TV, A/C, refrigerator, shower booth, closet
Others: Nurse room, lounge, powder room