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Cooperative Actiivties

  • National Library of Korea has conducted domestic cooperative activities and has maintained close relationships with libraries nationwide. Specifically, it has been involved in distributing, managing and using informational materials in order to raise the effectiveness of library services, in accordance with Article 19(1)(d) and (e) of the Library Act Establishment of National Bibliography Information System through Digitization and Instruction, Support and Cooperation of Domestic Libraries for Education and Training for Librarians, etc.
  • Public Library Technical Information Center

    To manage materials in public libraries, and develop and distribute standard system for information service
    Distribution of Korea Library Automation System quicklink

  • Korea Library Information System-Network (KOLIS-NET) project

    To jointly establish and use the comprehensive DB list of libraries nationwide with the NLK as the center
    Korea Library Information System-Network quicklink

  • Library cooperation revitalization project

    To survey cooperative projects between public libraries(2005~2011)

    To support the cooperation revitalization project between public libraries(2006~2014)

    Awarding individuals for their cooperation with the library

  • Interlibrary Loan Service <Chaekbada> (Sea of books)

    A library material co-utilization service through which materials from libraries in other regions are provided to users searching for materials that are not available in their local public libraries
    Collaborative online knowledge and information service quicklink

  • Collaborative online knowledge and information service <Ask a librarian>

    To answer the questions from the public online through cooperation between domestic libraries
    Collaborative online knowledge and information service quicklink