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Bibliography Publishing

Weekly List for Legal Deposit Resources
The library provides a weekly online service offering bibliographical information about publications submitted for the general public and librarians nationwide. The weekly bibliographical list is shown for 8 weeks on the Internet homepage of the library.
Korean National Bibliography

For the purpose of providing data on the publications released each year and providing bibliographic information for academic research

Published and distributed via ebook and web browsing since 2014 to provide a more convenient user experience in an internet environment

Doseogwan (Library Journal)

Initially published as a purely academic journal introducing articles and case studies on libraries and library and information science, the journal is now published as a disquisition newly reflecting on the value of library materials.

The journal was first published under the name "Library Bulletin" in 1946, was renamed "National Library Bulletin," then "Dosegwan (Library Journal)" in 1966 and issued quarterly, and since 2011, is being issued annually.

Today’s Library (Library News Letter)

"Today’s Library" is a newsletter providing accurate information on various matters such as the NLK's major policies and events.

The newsletter was first published as an annex to the journal "Doseogwan" in 1991. It became an independent monthly publication titled "Doseogwangye" in 1994, then had its title changed to the current one in 2011 starting from the January/February issue.

10 issues are published annually. (January/February and July/August issues combined)

Annual Report of National Library of Korea
The NLK has published its annual report on the library’s policies and performances to help the public understand the library’s policies and evaluate its performances for the purpose of the future improvements and development. The annual report is also available on the homepage of the library.