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Barrier-free contents for persons with disabilities

Date: 2017-02-06 18:41:26.0
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    Source: Jeski Social Campaign

    Barrier-Free Contents for Persons With Disabilities

    Movement to break down physical and institutional barriers
    to accessibility for persons with disabilities

    JEONG Jong-hwa / Professor
    Dept. of Social Welfare, Sahmyook University
    Going barrier-free is the most important way to improve
    the quality of life for persons with disabilities.
    It is the most important part of unassisted living for
    persons with disabilities.
    The goal of a barrier-free society has to be achieved for
    the elderly, persons with disabilities and pregnant women
    to live normally without inconvenience.
    MIN Gyeong-ju / Employee
    National Library of Korea
    It was very rewarding to see users with disabilities
    discover the joy of reading and get into reading.

    10 roads without disabilities for wheelchairs and prams
    Travel without inconvenience, 17 tourist spots without disabilities

    Sign in braille for no-disability trail

    I think the attempt to start barrier-free travel and
    efforts being made show that Korea is about to cross the
    threshold into advanced nation status in disability awareness.

    KIM In-soon / Director, Dept. of Universal Design Environment
    Korea Disabled People’s Development Institute

    It is a challenge to transform all existing buildings into
    disability-friendly zones in a short period of time.
    We need to make efforts to convert existing buildings
    to allow both persons with and without disabilities
    to use them with minimal discomfort.
    Korea Film Archive
    Mapo-gu, Seoul

    Barrier-free movie
    Movies with audio descriptions and subtitles to
    allow viewing by persons with hearing/visual disabilities

    Airing of barrier-free version of Quartet
    KIM Su-jeong / Secretary General
    Barrier-Free Film Committee
    We started the committee as film industry professionals
    to bring in barrier-free movies to Korea,
    sharing the view that movies have to include those
    who cannot see or hear and that this trend should
    spread all across the film industry.

    Source: Barrier-Free Film Committee

    The morning sun is shining. Wilf walks into the lounge using a walking stick and looks around. However, Reggie is nowhere to be seen.

    The movie title rises above the backdrop of streets at night.
    It’s shiny and anticipation builds up.

    KIM Jeong-hun
    Although it is important to augment movies with voiceovers
    and subtitles, I would also like to ask movie distributors
    and production companies to understand the need for
    barrier-free movies and provide support to produce
    more diverse barrier-free content.

    LEE Jong-ho
    It helps me get into the scene and
    engage emotionally with the movie.

    CHO Hyeon-deok
    I tried watching barrier-free movies with my ears blocked
    and then with my eyes shut.
    I realized that people with disabilities would have problems
    watching the movie compared to people without.
    It would be nice if people with disabilities could
    engage in cultural activities as well.