Visiting the Library

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How to get to the Library


  • Line #2 : 10 minutes walk from Seocho Station (exit #6) to Express Bus Terminal Station
  • Line #3, #7, #9 : 10 minutes walk from Express Bus Terminal Station (exit #5) to Seocho Station (Seoul Arts Center)
Type Bus # Route
Blue Bus 405 Yeomgok-dong Guryong Temple – Yangjae station – Seocho station – St. Mary’s hospital (get off) - City hall
740 Goyang-si Deogeun-dong - St. Mary’s hospital (get off) - Seocho station – Trade Center Samsung station
Green Bus 5413 Seocho station - St. Mary’s hospital (get off) - Express Bus Terminal
Local Bus Seocho #13 Isu station (gate #2) - St. Mary’s hospital – National Library of Korea (get off) – Banbae station
Seocho #21 Yangjae station (gate #4) – Seocho station (gate #2) - National Library of Korea (get off) – Seocho 1-dong Community Service Center

Parking Information

  • Opening Hours: 09:00-22:00 (no entry/exit after opening hours, not open on holidays except for Sunday)
  • Number of Parking Spaces : 314 (Underground 217, Ground 97)
  • Underground : 217 (B2: 36, B3: 69, B4: 38, B5: 74)
  • Ground : 97 (60 parking spaces removed due to old facility replacement work at the Main Building)
    * Parking fee will be charged automatically through the parking control system

    * Between 11:00 and 15:00 on weekdays, vehicles access will be restricted if the lot is full (from May 1, 2017).

    * In case measures such as alternate-day driving is implemented as emergency measures to combat fine dust, access can be restricted for cars subject to the measure.

Parking Fee
Type Fee Note
General public Up to 1 hr free, and ₩500 for each additional 15 min.(Max. daily fee is ₩10,000) Free parking for 1 hour, limited to once a day
Monthly pass ₩ 50,000 / month

Qualification: patrons with a regular-use library card whose previous month’s library use history meets the following no. 1 & 2 requirements. (The monthly pass is first-come, first-served each month)

1. Library visit of 10 days or more (either the Main Building or the Digital Library)
usage is reflected only when you pass the entrance gate with your library card)

2. Either 10 books or more loaned, or the Digital Library usage of 10 times or more. (book loan : when loaning books using book loan machine in General Reading Room, select “Borrow/return within the library” when returning the books in order to have your usage reflected, the Digital Library : usage after reserving a seat, * to be qualified for application : borrow 10 books or more or visit the Digital Library 10 times or more, * not qualified for application : if you borrow 9 books and visit the Digital Library once
※ When borrowing books during temporary closing period, use “Apply for reservation the day before” service (refer to notice on website “A notice of Main Building construction and library closure”)

- Purchase application period : 10th-15th of each month (first-come, first-served)
- Usage period : 1st–last day of the next month
※ Implementation period : visit & use the library (Aug) → qualified patrons apply to purchase a monthly parking pass (Sep) → Use a monthly pass (Oct)
※ To view whether you qualify for the pass, please visit and log into the library website and go to Parking Information > View Use History and Apply to Purchase a Parking Pass (library usage record available from every 3rd of the month)

Visitors for government affairs, Trainee, Library volunteers, Conference/Event attendee Exemption Request free charge to the appropriate department
(Car breaching 5th -day-no-driving system are not applied)
Person with disabilities 50% off A copy of handicap registration card
Person of national merit 50% off A copy of certification of men of national merit issued by the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs
Compact car (1,000cc or less) 50% off
Hybrid car 50% off Car with eco-friendly sticker
Immediate Entry and Exit Free Returning within 10 min